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Jazz and Improvides
Music Departement

Jazz and improvised music cycle specialisé was set up in September 2006 within Paris network of conservatories. Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris (former Conservatoire National de Région de Paris) is aimed to streamline this music degree and remains at the core of a network of jazz classes spread over 18 arrondissements conservatories.

Mr Jean-Charles Richard, saxo professor, is in charge of the general management of this department.

Access requirements

  1. to succeed in the competitive entrance examination held in September - October each year (a practical and a theoretical test)

  2. not to get a previous DEM (Diplôme d’Etudes Musicales) in the same jazz discipline

  3. to be less than 29 years old

Studies development – content

Cycle specialise in jazz provides the students with about 800 course hours over two school years :

Each student is due to attend :

1/ theoretical courses :

  1. Harmony

  2. Jazz history – Analysis

  3. Writing – Arranging

2/ private tuition

3/ group courses by the way of workshops or a big band

4/ masterclasses

5/ two optional courses (to be chosen between : additional drums, computer-assisted music, sound synthesis, African percussions, music history, harmony, orchestration, analysis, jazz writing level 3, big band…)


CRR (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional) de Paris 14 rue de Madrid 75008 Paris and one or several arrondissement conservatories.


34 teachers within Paris network of conservatories, entitled to give individual tuition to all students.

For the 34 students in 2008/2009 as well as Erasmus students, their teachers will be :

  1. Mr. Jean Bardy : electric bass

  2. Mr. Pierre Bertrand : writing-arranging, big band

  3. Mr. Marc Buronfosse : double bass

  4. Mr. Manu Codjia : guitar

  5. Mr. Gérard Curbillon : guitar

  6. Mr. Nicolas Dary : saxo

  7. Mr. Jean-Claude Jouy : drums

  8. Mr. Denis Leloup : trombone / horn

  9. Mr. Benjamin Moussay : piano

  10. Mr. Frédéric Norel : violin

  11. Mr. David Patrois : vibes

  12. Mr. Philippe Poussard : saxo

  13. Mr. Joe Quitzke : drums

  14. Mr. Jean-Charles Richard : saxo

  15. Mr. Tony Russo : trumpet

  16. Mr. Jacques Schneck : jazz history and analysis

  17. Mr. Emil Spanyi : piano and harmony

  18. Ms Claudia Solal : vocal jazz

  19. Mr. André Villeger : saxo, flute

General Management : Mr. Jean-Charles Richard


Each year, some teachers, by the way of rehersals, prepare for the interventions of musicians within masterclasses.

So, were greeted :

Pierre Marcault, Patrick Villanueva, David Friedman, Claudia Solal, Peter Herbert, François Jeanneau, Antoine Hervé, Sylvain Cathala, Daniel Humair, Serge Lazarévitch, Denis Leloup.

Are scheduled to be greeted in 2008/2009:

  1. David Patrois

  2. Pierre Bertrand (to prepare Junko Moriya’s masterclass)

  3. Emil Spanyi (to prepare Marc Ducret’s one)

  4. Pascal Gaubert (in relation with Larry Schneider)

  5. Philippe Mace and Jean-Charles Richard (in relation with Dave Liebam)

  6. Joe Quitzke (in relation with Jean-Paul Celea)

other musicians are guest-teachers : the accordionist Pascal Contet

You can download the full CRR Jazz scheme.

How apply ?

2 possibilities :

a/ you are already enrolled in an arrondissement conservatory in the same musical discipline as the one you apply for in jazz. So you apply in this arrondissement conservatory for jazz

b/ for other candidates, you download the application form or you ask for it at CRR de Paris 14 rue de Madrid 75008 PARIS (Métro Europe)

The application to the competitive entrance examination should be made at least two weeks before the date of the first test.

Each candidate should refer to the list of compulsory works to prepare (hypertext link)

For conservatory education, Mr Khaled Zorgati 01 44 70 64 04 (in the afternoon)

For Jazz cycle specialise : jazz.cnr.paris@gmail.com

Concert du 28 novembre

© : Philippe CLET

© : Philippe CLET

Master Classe Junko Moriya

© : Sandrine MERCIER

© : Sandrine MERCIER

© : Sandrine MERCIER



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