Le département instrumental du CRR de Paris


Instrumental Departement

CRR de Paris Instrumentalist department houses the majority of pupils and students. This department encompasses three cycles which enables it to greet all ages from 7/8 years old to young grown-up. These cycles provide a whole musical training for, on the one hand, would-be gifted amateurs at ease in their practice, and on the other hand, musicians already involved in fitting the professional environment.

Cycle double-cursus

The “cycle, double cursus” / school and music : available from the French CM1 to the French baccalauréat TMD, L or S. It takes into account both a high standard general education and a genuine involvement into musical roots.

Cycle spécialisé

the “cycle specialise” : CRR de Paris runs it for all Paris City conservatories. Success at this cycle awards the Diplôme d’Etudes Musicales (DEM).

Cycle de perfectionnement | concertiste

This “cycle de perfectionnement | concertiste” : it is an opportunity for practicing within instrumental advanced classes with a focus to a near professional integration.

General information

The range of disciplines offered in either one the other two cycles does not completely overlap but, generally speaking, is the broadest in France.

The means to be admitted to these three cycles and their running are detailed in the download leaflets below (in French) :

The dates of the entrance examinations and the tests details can be found in this site at “Tests, examens, et concours”.


Double cursus / horaires aménagés

  1. viviane.loriaut@paris.fr

  2. 01 44 90 78 72

Cycle spécialisé, cycle de perfectionnement, cycle concertiste

  1. khaled.zorgati@paris.fr

  2. 01 44 90 78 43

Renseignements inscriptions

  1. liseline.duchemin@paris.fr

  2. 01 44 90 78 65

Tarifications et paiement (pdf)

Instructions relatives au paiement avec le service Facil’Familles

Brochures (format pdf)


Classes à
double cursus






Après DEM...


Dossiers d’inscription

  1. DEM jazz 2014/15

  2. D.E.C. : Danse Classique 2014/15  

  3. D.E.C. : Danse Contemporaine 2014/15

  4. D.E.C. : Danse Jazz 2014/15

  5. DEM Jeune chanteur 2014/15

  6. Diplôme de perfectionnement lyrique 2014/15

Pré-réinscription 2014/15

  1. Pré-réinscription 2014/15

Modalités d’inscription 2014/15

  1. Double Cursus 2014/15

  2. Cycle spécialisé 2014/15

  3. Cycle de perfectionnement 2014/15

  4. Cycle concertiste 2014/15

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